Top 4 Things You Can’t Miss On Caribbean Cruises To The Bahamas

The time off the ship during Caribbean cruises can be fun and exciting. Before going on cruises, take the time to research what you want to do while the ship is in port.

If you haven’t had the chance to go on Caribbean cruises before,
planning one is almost as fun as actually visiting the Bahamas and other
tropical locations. Before you go, take the time to research the many
different types of things you can do on Caribbean cruises. However leave
yourself some downtime while your ship is in port so you can explore
things that you come across that might not have made it onto your
must-not-miss list.

Visit Fort Fincastle And Queen’s Staircase

Queen’s Staircase is an attraction is Nassau that was carved by hand in
celebration of Queen Victoria. There are 65 steps (one for each year of
the Queen’s reign) and it is carved entirely out of limestone, which
took more than a year to complete. While there’s no official tour, a
guide is usually available to help explain the history and significance
of the staircase. This guide doesn’t actually work in any official
capacity, but it’s nice to tip him a few dollars for his time.

you get to the top, take a few moments to take in the view. Fort
Fincastle is also located here and most visitors report that it’s well
worth the dollar admission fee. The fort is small, but still full of

See The Flamingos At Ardastra Gardens Zoo

you like animals, the Ardastra Garden Zoo is something that shouldn’t
be missed. Here birds such as flamingos and peacocks are allowed to roam
freely, but the highlight is probably the marching flamingos show. The
flamingos march around to music and guests are invited to come into the
arena to get up close and personal with the birds. The entrance fee for
the zoo is $ 16 for adults and $ 8 for children 4-12.

Check Out The Casinos

are a number of casinos in the Bahamas and even people who aren’t
gamblers make an effort to visit at least one of them when they’re on
breaks from Caribbean cruises. The Atlantis, for instance, offers a
number of things to do in addition to gambling, such as swimming with
dolphins, snorkeling through ruins, golfing, rocking climbing or
visiting the spa. Of course, if slot machines and gaming tables are more
your speed, these casinos offer games of every type for gamblers of
every level.

Visit The Straw Market

you’re looking for deals to take home as souvenirs, visit the Straw
Market. Here vendors sell crafts woven out of straw, carved wood
trinkets, clothing and more. If you find something that you want to take
home, make sure to haggle with the vendors because they expect it!
Don’t be afraid to walk away from a vendor with a price that’s too high
because chances are good that you’ll be able to find a similar product
elsewhere in the Bahamas.

Caribbean cruises through the Bahamas
are some of the most fun vacations you can take. However, don’t limit
yourself to activities on the ship. Before you book your cruise, take
time to research what you want to do off the ship to ensure that your
vacation is a fun-filled one.

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